"That was due to Crabtree's expertise and flair during a wine tasting that lasted until sunrise, and that is still remembered in the neighbouring town of 'Vila Real´as the "Night of the Englishman', that Don José Mateus first realised the potential of his Estate's Rosés as suitable for the English palate"

Santos, Bartolomeu dos, 'Joseph Crabtree and the Caliph of Fonthill', 1985, in The Crabtree Orations (1954-1984), ed. Brian Bennett & Negley Harte, The Crabtree Foundation, London, 1997


Do blog "Chá de Letras"

Soube no blogue da sem-se-ver que faleceu há dias Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos, um dos mestre da gravura portugueses. Uma pequena gravura sua tem sido minha "companheira" há uns anos na minha sala. Aqui fica a homenagem.